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Noah Cebuliak released his debut EP Saltwater as Ghost Lights in late 2012, charting nationally and receiving online acclaim. The record testifies to his love of remote places, with visions of moonlit back roads, hidden kelp-choked islands, wisps of ceremonial smoke and endless winter rain, among other whims from his numerous wilderness journeys.

Sonically influenced by artists like Feist, Fleet Foxes, Laura Marling and Bon Iver, Saltwater was a collaboration between Cebuliak and versatile producer/engineer James Finnerty (Molly Sweeney, Sarah Jane Scouten). Saltwater was recorded at Concordia University, Montréal, between February and April of 2012.

Ghost Lights toured Saltwater throughout 2013, sharing stages with Ora CoganWindmillsDavid SimardJess Hill and Adrian Glynn, among numerous others. 

Live, Ghost Lights is sonically obsessed with warmth, space, seamless, dynamic transitions, and poetic, musical and vocal improvisation. His current band consists of Evan Tighe on drums, Pat Latreille on bass, and Mike Bjella on tenor saxophone.

In addition to Ghost Lights, Cebuliak has opened for and toured as the percussionist in west-coast orchestral-folk band Morlove, alongside Miss Emily BrownCorwin Fox and Hannah Epperson.

Cebuliak independently published his first book of poems, The Winter of My Mind, on October 3rd, 2014. It is available here.